Human Resource Management N4-N6: National N Diploma

CTBC Human Resource Management N4-N6

National N Diploma: Human Resource Management N4-N6

The purpose of the National Diploma in Human Resources Management is to ensure learners are equipped with the knowledge, theory and methodology of the important disciplines in Human Resource Management, and to enable them to demonstrate initiative and responsibility in a professional or academic context in this field of endeavour.

The modules in the Diploma: Human Resource Management cover the application of the major functional specialisations in an integrated manner. They provide learners with a broad theoretical and practical knowledge of human resource management and development, socio-economics, industrial psychology, company law and business management, labour law and industrial relations, project management, computer literacy and research methods, as well as the contexts in which the learning and theory are most applicable.

The Diploma in Human Resource Management is a response to the workplace need for competent managers across all economic sectors. The current and future need for competent entry, junior and middle managers has been expressed by employers and employees. The skills, knowledge, attitudes and values required by Human Resource Managers are captured in this qualification. The qualification is more generalist in nature than one offering specialist learning for particular sectors in Human Resource Management. The qualification should equip learners for one of the following careers in the fields of business and management.



  • *Computer Practice
  • *Management Communication
  • *Personnel Management
  • *Entrepreneurship & Business Management


  • *Labour Relations
  • *Personnel Training
  • *Personnel Management
  • *Entrepreneurship & Business Management


  • Labour Relations
  • Personnel Training
  • Personnel Management
  • *Entrepreneurship & Business Management